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2024-2025 Plans & Info for Re-Joining 💙⚽️💛

Dear Super Parent 🙂

Thank you to each and everyone of you for your support this season, and for confirming your re-joining status. If you are moving on, we wish you and your Super footballer the best of luck for next season ⚽️👍



See below for what we set out as the start of the season, and if we achieved it:

1. More Space at Training ✅

We secured a section of the astro turf at Royal Russell to improve space available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

2. Guest Academy Sessions ✅

Joe (Fulham FC), Scott (Chelsea FC), and Rob (Crystal Palace FC) all delivered 2hrs of sessions each that was thoroughly enjoyed by our players and managers too.

3. Improvement of Technical Nights ✅

We listened to player and parent feedback and tweaked our technical training plans to involve more chaos and decision making! We have already seen the benefits of this on the players.

4. New Free Match Day Kit ✅

Our generous sponsro Eleanor purchased a match day kit for each child at the club, keeping our costs to you parents lower.

5. New Academy Manager & Coaching Team ✅

This was not planned for and was difficult to cope with at the time! However we have found a wonderful replacement in Ben who's passion and ideas for the club are shining through on everyone involved. Our coaches are constantly improving each week and adore the player and the club!



We have looked very closely at areas we feel we can continue to grow and improve upon.

1. Manager Development - Support 😃

Ashley Gumbrell from The FA will continue in the background supporting managers on their coaching journey. We have webinars booked with Catania FC to help our managers improve their knowledge. And, our Academy guest coaches will be helping to support them further. Add this to the amazing work our managers do already, and we call that a recipe for success!

2. Continue to improve Manager Led Training Sessions 😱

New coaching session plans for managers to choose the best suited sessions for their teams. Skillz Coach on Wednesday and Thursday helping Ben to support manager training, and Coach Dean will be taking over our u15s team, moving on from our Skillz Saturday morning sessions at Monks Hill after 3 years! Plus we have a brand new syllabus we will be working from too.

3. New 11v11 Goals & Storage Container at Home Ground 🤞

The Cricket aClub is hoping to obtain funding for the above. No more setting up and down goals pre match plus 11v11 matches will now take place in our home ground rather than the park! Fingers crossed on the funding!

4. Academy Coaches Supporting

Joe, Scott and Rob will be back again this season delivering some sesssions to teh kids. Real academy coaches working with Category 1 Premier League Academies on a daily basis. Something no other club can offer 😬

5. Girls Team

We are hoping to launch a girls only team. If you have any girls interested , or can share this news with them, it will really help us form this team for September 🏆

6. Pre-season Training Camp

Our pre-season training camp will be open to 40 spaces, taking place on 28th-30th August. More info to follow and a great way to get prepared for matches starting the week after!



We are able to keep our costs for the upcoming season very similar to the last, which we are proud of.

Our monthly fee is increasing by just £1.50 per month, and re-joining fees for existing players are staying low at £35.

If you are genuinely struggling financially, please contact me and Ben directly here and we will discuss options with you.

Re-registration Fee


June pre-season (6 sessions)


July pre-season (6 sessions)




September 24 - May 25

£66.50 per month

Sibling discount

40% on 2nd child monthly fees

You will receive approximately, 108 football experiences this season:

  1. 12 training sessions pre season (June and July). This is optional and not mandatory

  2. 30 matches (Sept 24 - April 25)

  3. 66 training sessions (Sept 23 - May 24)

  4. Budget for 2 tournaments per team

  5. 1 end of season awards afternoon

  6. + Optional Torino camp at Easter (£30 per day)

  7. + Optional pre-season 3 day camp in August (£25 per day)* 28th-30th August 2024



Training will continue twice a week and to avoid disruption to your timetable, we will be keeping your training nights the same as what they have been this season. There may be a change in your training time due to moving up an age group, but your manager will confirm with you shortly.

🏟️ Monday & Tuesday @ Monks Hill Sports Centre

🏟️ Wednesday & Thursday @ Royal Russell School

🏟️ Saturday matches - home games @ Beddington Cricket Club




There is nothing that you ned to do. Your £35 rejoining fee and £35 June pre-season fee will be collected via your card on 1st June, and then adjusted to £35 for July. There is no payment in August and £66.50 will resume on 1st Septmeber.

If you are leaving us, nothing you need to do either other than return your match day kit (shorts and shirt) that our sponsor purchased for your child. Please do so to avoid a £25 charge. Info is in your Whats App group about this.


Thanks so much all! We can't wait for next season already!

Ashley & Ben ⚽️💙

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