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To all of our wonderful (and patient 😉) footballers,

We are nearly back! From w/c 29th March training will resume and we are hoping that matches will too. We have put together our very own little road map that will give you an idea of what you can expect from now until the end of the season. Check it out below:

W/C 29th March - Training for u8s-u11s will resume

This will take place at Power League Croydon (tbc) on your normal training day and time. Training will be used to help you shake off the cobwebs and rust, by playing lots of small sided games, and even matches against the other team in your age group (u8s-u10s).

Weekend of 3rd April and 10th April - Matches tbc for (u8s-u11s)

As this is easter weekend, the league do not usually set fixtures, but we are waiting confirmation. If they do not, your manager will attempt to arrange some friendlies for your team on 10th April, and if your team is available to do so, they may look into booking a friendly on 3rd April too. Last resort will be friendlies between you and the other team in your age group on 10th April.

Little League U7s Weekend 10th April - Matches ON

Our little league will be running on Saturday 10th April where normal matches will resume against one other team from our little league.

W/C 5th and 12th April - Training ON (u8s-u11s)

As you have all missed out on so much football, we will be adding two weeks of additional training during the easter holidays, on your normal day and time slot at Power League. Your manager will have already confirmed this with you.

Weekend 17th April-22nd May - Little League and Epsom & Ewell League Matches SCHEDULED

  • Little league matches will continue until Saturday 29th May*

  • Epsom and Ewell League matches will continue until Saturday 8th May (tbc by league)

  • u8s-u11s friendly matches will be scheduled until Saturday 29th May, the final weekend of the season*

*We are awaiting news from our home ground, as to whether we are able to continue football until end of May 2020 as pitch renovations usually start around this time. If they are not, we will attempt to move to Power League for our matches.

🏆 Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, we will not be able to hold an end of season awards day. In future, we will be holding an awards day at our home ground which will include bbq, tournaments for the kids, and....tournaments for the parents too 😁 We will be working on a way of ensuring all of our players are celebrated in some capacity for their season achievements🏆


This will be for players who are rejoining our club for the following season, and we will be inviting new players to join training for the month of June 🙂


We will be booking our 2021-2022 teams into summer tournaments across June - August, to make up part of the pre season preparation. These will be confirmed with you later in the year 🤩⚽️

SUMMER CAMP - towards end of summer

As we do every year, we will be holding a intensive pre-season summer camp

W/C 6th September - New season officially kicks off

Matches and training will resume, and hopefully we will enjoy an ENTIRE season of football and not just 5 months as we will have this year 😗

So there you have it! Our very own roadmap to get you back playing football! We have missed you so much and cant wait to see you back in your teams ready to finish the season on a high. Are you excited?

Any questions, just drop us a line on

💙⚽️ Ash & G, and all of your managers 💙⚽️

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