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Dear Parent and our Super Footballer 🙂

It's the news you have all been waiting for. I am pleased to announce our exciting new plans for next season, that I know are going to take our club to the next level.

Before I start, as I have been doing so all season in our messages to you, I really do thank you for being part of our club this year. It has been a horrid season with the lockdowns, and it has been very tough keeping the club afloat, but I am pleased that we are still standing and looking at the new season to be the best one yet. Across the board we haven't quite seen the progression of the players and teams that we aimed to have at the start of the season, but we have to be conscious that the children have only managed to play 4.5-5 months of football out of a possible 9. I have also come to realise through manager & parent feedback and after running the club for the past 5 seasons, that the club needs to become a little more serious and be a place where children can really work on their passion of football. The standards (on the field and off the field) across the entire club need to raise to a higher level to create a wonderful, fun, yet professional football club for children to play each week.

So, we have put some BIG and exciting changes in place to aid player and team development starting at the end of the month. I will release full details to you in the next 7 days, but an outline of our plans is below. I hope you like them and are as excited as I am!

PLAN OVERVIEW FOR U7s-U12s for 2021-2022 Season

1. There will now be two training sessions per week for our u8s-u12s age groups: Your first session of the week will be a "Technical Academy Session" led by Skillz UK coaches focusing on individual player development. The second training session of the week will be led by your manager, under the guidance of Valentino, specifically in your team (as you are now but with a more professional academy style structure to develop the team). See below for when your child's team training sessions will be, but note these are next seasons age groups and not your current one (for example if you are a u9 now, look out for the u10 times below):

  • U8s Tuesdays 6-7pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Thursdays 6-7pm (Team training)

  • U9s Mondays 6-7pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Wednesdays 6-7pm (Team training)

  • U10s Tuesdays 6-7pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Thursdays 6-7pm (Team training)

  • U11s Mondays 7-8pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Wednesdays 7-8pm (Team training)

  • U12s Tuesdays 7-8pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Thursdays 7-8pm (Team training)

🏡 All Training sessions will take place at Power League (we are also looking around for other suitable venues) 🏡

Double the training sessions per week to really push on your Super Footballer! 🤩

2. Investment of FULL TIME Uefa B / soon to be UEFA A License Club Coordinator:

Valentino, who you have all now met, is our new club coordinator. He is employed full time to work between the club and Skillz, and will be focusing his time on the development of the club. There are under 2,500 UEFA A license coaches in the UK and he is set to become one of them in September. His experience includes working for European football giant, Juventus FC! As well as this in the background working closely with the managers and Valentino, you have me, a former Premier League Academy Coach and UEFA B licensed football coach. Can any other club boast about this experience pushing forward their club? 👀

3. Valentino, Head of Coaching and Club Coordinator, will be present at home matches to observe teams and managers:

Previously Gonçalo was unable to attend match days. But We feel that our managers need more match day support. And to help best structure our syllabus and training methods, Valentino needs to see the progress of the teams in match situations. He will be present at home matches from September for 3 out of 4 weekends per month. Boom 🥳

4. U7s Royals Team

For the first time ever, we will be creating a strong U7s team outside of our little league, and pushing them into the Epsom and Ewell League. They will train on Wednesdays 6-7pm with matches on Saturday mornings against other local teams in the league. They will also continue to train in the Skillz Elite Academy on Monday evenings 5-6pm as they are now. We feel we have a really exciting crop of u7s and want to be able to push on their development ⚽️

5. Kit and Uniform as part of club fees*

We are now supplied by Joma for all of our football kits and no longer with Nike. We are working at the moment on gaining shirt sponsors for the new season so that kit will be free for the new season. We are also working on getting sponsorship for our new training tops & tracksuits, and if we do, these will be provided to you free of charge 👍

6. Standards and Philosophy Change

As mentioned above, the club recognises that it needs to become more a professional set up so that children can take their hobby more seriously. We will never lose our child orientated approach, and the club will never become about any of us adults invovled in it. But our standards are changing. See below for some key points:

  • Non attendance at training without valid proper reason = limited match time or not selected for that match day squad

  • Poor behaviour or training effort = limited match time or not selected for that match day squad

  • Poor focus in match day warm up, or late arrival for time manager asks you to arrive = limited match time for your child

  • Not responding to manager about availability for match by deadline set = child not selected for match day squad

  • Older age groups u11s & u12s will start to develop set positions in their team* = we will be trialing this to see how this forms

As well as this, should we receive sponsorship for our training attire, we will have a club rule that all children must wear the correct SZ United FC tracksuits and training top to training and match days ✊

7. New Training Structure and Syllabus

Each training session will follow our new syllabus designed by Valentino and I, to ensure that training is the best it can be. Higher tempo, more repetition, more focus, more ball rolling time. We are aiming for the children to get at the very least 300 touches on the ball during their training sessions.

The syllabus that the Technical Academy Sessions will use includes:

  • Ball mastery

  • ABC's (agility, balance, coordination, speed development)

  • 1v1s, 2v1s, 2v2s

  • Small sided games

The syllabus that the Team training will follow, includes the basic principles we want the teams to have for their match days - High energy, good game (tactical) understanding, comfortable in possession. On top of this we have created a SZ United Player DNA so that Skillz coaches and our managers can design their sessions around this.

We know by creating this new training structure and syllabus, it will have a huge positive effect on match day performances, and your child's overall football development ⭐️

8. Each team will have their own proper equipment and enough footballs

With budget cuts this year due to a loss of club income for 5 months, we know this slipped. Each team will have a top up of footballs (enough for a ball each + a couple spare), cones and bibs. This will ensure that training can reach its full potential 🥅

9. U7s Little League

For those that will be having another season in our little league, the time is chaining to around 11.15am so that it does not eat into your Saturday afternoons. Yay 🥳

10. Player Recruitment for all teams

We have already started our recruitment process and some new players have been attending training already. WE WILL ONLY BE BRINGING IN CHILDREN WHO STRENGTHEN THE TEAMS and not just to fill the numbers. So if your team numbers are a little low at the moment, or you are worried about whether there will be a strong enough team to match your child's development, rest assured the recruitment has started positively!

We will also be tapping into the 300 u7-u11s players at Skillz and inviting them to our open day at the end of the month 😃


As you are aware, the club is not run by volunteers like most grassroots clubs and we have staff to pay and managers to subsidise, nor do we own our own premises so venue hire costs are high. However, my sole aim next season is to provide you the parent, with more value, and to develop your Super footballer further. Sponsorship for our kits will help keep the club costs down, and the partnership that the club has with Skillz allows us to keep our costs lower than they should be for all of the above.

Next season the fees will be:


  • £50 joining fee / deposit which includes pre season training in July and hopefully 1 tournament in July and August (subject to Covid restrictions)

  • £50 per month payable from September 21 - May 22 (9 month commitment)

  • You can pay in full upfront if you wish to

✅ This means that for an extra approx. £2.50 per week your child will receive an extra training session ✅

U7s Royals (if your child is selected for this)

  • £50 joining fee / deposit which includes pre season training in July and hopefully 1 tournament in July and August (subject to Covid restrictions)

  • £40 per month payable from September 21 - May 22 (9 month commitment)

  • You can pay in full upfront if you wish to

U7s Little League

  • £45 joining fee / deposit which includes Little League Kit

  • £25 per month payable from September 21 - May 22 (9 month commitment)

  • You can pay in full upfront if you wish to

❗️To ensure we can honour these prices for the entire season ahead:

  1. Please note that deposits are non refundable should you change your mind before season starts

  2. You will be committed to one full season (9 months Sept-May) and payments will not be refunded or stopped should you choose to leave

  3. Deposits will need to be paid by Monday 14th June to secure your space for next season



If you are unsure about signing for us next season, you will want proof that the above changes will be made. That is understandable 🙂 So, we are starting the additional training session this month, hopefully from Monday 24th May FREE OF CHARGE 😱 to showcase to you the changes and what you can expect from next season. Hopefully too, you will have seen the small improvements Valentino has been making to your team training 😉

SZ United FC is here to serve its members, and we will always make improvements to turn the club into something bigger and better.

Any questions you may have, do not hesitate to email the club Thank you so much once again for your ongoing support,

Ashley Thomas

Chairman @ SZ United FC 💙⚽️💛

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