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Plans For 2022-2023 SEASON 🤩⚽️

Dear Parent and our Super Footballer 🙂

We officially have just 4 weeks left of the 2021-2022 season and Valentino & I have been super busy behind the scenes getting our plans in place for the new season. Below you will find a recap of the current season and the plans for the new one that officially starts for us in June with matches beginning in September.



Our feedback form was used as an indicator to see how well we have faired this season, along with the clubs ongoing progress measurements. See the results below..

122 responses to our feedback form:

  • 103 said they are rejoining 84%

  • 14 are undecided 11%

  • 6 are not rejoining 5%

  • 18 parents still to complete the form

1. Increase Training Quality and Intensity ✅

Training twice a week helped the children with some real positive performances on match days, and improved individual development. It gave them time both with a Skillz coach and their own manager.

2. Referees Provided For Match Days ✅

This was made possible through partnerships with local 6th forms and schools. After Christmas we have had a referee for each of our home matches 99% of the time.

3. Better Training Facilities ✅

Our training facilities of Royal Russell School and Monks Hill Sports Centre were a huge benefit to our weekly training sessions, and a big improvement from previous venue.

4. Free Match Day Kit Courtesy Of UMAA ✅

All children in our club received a free match day kit. The first time this has ever happened in the club. Thank you to UMAA 🙂

5. Skillz Coach Present At Home Matches ✅

Valentino was not as present as we would have liked due to Covid and staffing issues at Skillz (or rather in the pattern we would have liked of 3 out of 4 weekends in a month), however this was the first season we were able to provide a coach from Skillz to the club on Saturday mornings. We are pleased though that Valentino was present 75% of the time which was the percentage set out at the start.

He has been helping individual teams with their matches and providing on hand feedback to the managers to improve them. A real benefit for the club.

6. Have A Home Ground We Can Be Proud Of ✅

The pitches have been maintained well and look beautiful still as we approach the end of the season. Thanks Beddington Cricket Club!

7. U8s Won League Cup

Our U8s won the league cup on Saturday! A huge well done to the entire club. This win is not just about performance on the pitch, it is also down to the ethos the club, managers and parents set week in week out.

8. Professional Coach Development with Sergei Baltacha

Sergei played 300 times for Dynamo Kiev, played in a World Cup for The Soviet Union against the likes of Maradona, and is now the professional development lead coach at Charlton Athletic FC. He kindly paid us a visit and ran a coach development evening just before Christmas to help our managers and coaches. No other club has been able to tap into such experience!


PLAN OVERVIEW FOR U7s-U12s for 2022-2023 Season

1. Training:

Training will continue twice a week and to avoid disruption to your timetable, we will be keeping your training nights the same as what they have been this season. You will be moving up an age group so the age groups listed below are for next season e.g. if you were a U9 this season, you are a U10 next season:

  • New U7s Mondays 6-7pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Wednesdays 6-7pm (Team training)

  • U8s Mondays 6-7pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Wednesdays 6-7pm (Team training)

  • U9s Tuesdays 6-7pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Thursdays 6-7pm (Team training)

  • U10s Monday 7-8pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Wednesday 7-8pm (Team training)

  • U11s Tuesdays 7-8pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Thursdays 7-8pm (Team training)

  • U12s Mondays 7-8pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Wednesdays 7-8pm (Team training)

  • U13s Tuesdays 7-8pm (Technical Academy with Skillz), and Thursdays 7-8pm (Team training)

🏡 All Training sessions will take place at Monks Hill Sports Centre 🏡

(unfortunately we have outgrown Royal Russell and they do not hire out their bigger astro turf for football)

2. Training Kit

Every child that joins will receive a training kit including top, tracksuit and rain jacket. They are expected to wear this to all training nights and tracksuits over their match day kits on match days.

3. Further Opportunities & Experiences For Our Players

Valentino has been busy working on an exciting new partnership with a overseas pro club to allow our children to experience a professional environment. We will have more news on this in the coming weeks once plans are finalised.

4. Goalkeeper Training

We have secured goalkeeper training on Monday and Tuesday technical evenings! Skillz new football development officer, Scott Kerrison, is a FA Goalkeeper Level 2 qualified coach who will be running these sessions.

5. Standards Improved

Last season we spoke about making the club a more serious and professional set up. There were certain rules we put in place to ensure this was achievable and on the whole we saw a huge improvement from parents and children. See below for the key points:

  • Non attendance at training without valid proper reason = limited match time or not selected for that match day squad

  • Poor behaviour or training effort = limited match time or not selected for that match day squad

  • Poor focus in match day warm up, or late arrival for time manager asks you to arrive = limited match time for your child

  • Not responding to manager about availability for match by deadline set = child not selected for match day squad

  • Older age groups u10s, u11s & u12s will start to develop set positions in their team = we will be trialing this to see how this forms

❗️We will be adding the following rules to the above 👇

  • If your child plays for another team and their training night clashes with ours = you will have to make a decision whether you join us or them, as we will not be allowing any clashes to effect the teams / clubs progress.

6. Continue To Develop Managers

In June and July Valentino will be hosting training nights with the managers and feeding back to them about their sessions to ensure they start the season in the right way. He will also be present at team training nights to continue this throughout the season.

7. Player Recruitment for all teams

We are being inundated with requests already about children joining the club. We will only be allowing a certain level of player to join and will not recruit just for the sake of it.

8. Filmed Matches with Veo Technology

Each week we will be filming two matches (each team on a rota) and giving parents of the club access to our portal to watch the matches back including highlights! This is a £600 investment that we know will be an amazing addition for families.

9. FA Accreditation

As the club is meeting the criteria, we will be getting receiving a one star FA Accreditation. This is to further show the community the great work we are doing through football. It will hopefully give our club access to small funding pots and rewards through the Surrey FA.



You will receive approximately:

  1. 14 training sessions pre season (June and July)

  2. 30 matches (Sept 22 - April 23)

  3. 68 training sessions (Sept 22 - May 23)

  4. 1 tournament, 2 friendlies, 1 end of season awards day (approx. May 23 plan)

As you are aware, the club is not solely run by volunteers, nor do we own our facilities like most grassroots clubs, It is a full time operation to ensure the club exists. We have a full time coordinator and coaches to pay, managers to subsidise, plus external pitch & venue hire costs (venue costs alone circa £20,000+ this season).

However as always we want to provide you with as much value as possible, and to keep any price increase as small as possible. We can see from our "intentions feedback form" that you have loved this season. With the above benefits being added to the club the 2022-2023 season is going to be our best yet. There will be an increase of just £5 per month per player or approx £0.70p per session / match. See below for the breakdown:


  • £65 joining fee / deposit which includes child registration, pre season training in June and any tournaments that happen in June and July.

  • £20 pre season training fee to cover July's training

  • £55 per month payable from September 22 - May 23 (9 month commitment)

👍 If you have two full paying children in our club, you will receive 40% discount on 2nd child monthly fees 👍

U6s & U7s Little League

  • Now includes a weekly training session Wednesdays 6-7pm (tbc) + Match on Saturday lunch time

  • £45 joining fee / deposit which includes child registration, and Little League Kit

  • £40 per month payable from September 21 - May 22 (9 month commitment)

❗️To ensure we can honour these prices for the entire season ahead:

  1. Please note that joining fees are non refundable should you change your mind before season starts

  2. Joining fees will be due by Friday 27th May to secure your space for next season. An auto email will be sent to you to pay this and this can be paid before hand.

  3. You will be committed to one full season (9 months Sept 22 -May 23) and payments will not be refunded or stopped should you choose to leave, so please make sure you are committed to the club



We really appreciate all of the support this season you have given your child and the club. The club started with 4 little league teams back in 2016 and has grown to over 140 children and 14 teams in this short space of time. None of which is possible without its members! Thank you 💙⚽️💛

We can't wait to celebrate with you on 21st May the success of this season where your Super footballer will receive their end of season trophy, plus we will have a players player of the season award and managers player of the season award for ea

Any questions you may have, do not hesitate to email the club

We can't wait to welcome you back for the new season!

Ashley Thomas & Valentino De Luca

SZ United FC

P.S. Note that your final payment of the season will be on 1st May at the amount you have currently been paying

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